Justin Plunkett is a creative director, designer and blogger who does his best to enrich people and businesses through inspiration, clarity and creativity.

A thought

Perhaps in order for us to create beautiful things, meaningful things, we need to keep ourselves wide open. We are surrounded by opportunities to see the wonder, to connect with our surroundings and the people with whom our orbits cross. 

We become better designers and better people when we feel empathy. We find greater understanding of others, and with discernment, are equipped to use design to empower them and improve their lives. I think we improve our own too.

Welcome to my new blog

Thanks for visiting. As this is my first foray into official blogging I trust you'll bare with me as I fumble through the first few days or weeks. Please don't hesitate to send through feedback as to what is working for you and what isn't. 

I am doing this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, with Facebook posts only reaching 12% of you guys who've generously liked and friended me, this will be a place for everyone to see all the bits I collect.

Secondly, I do this for fun, I love it. I love discovering new, beautiful ideas, artists and quotes - and as it turns out it seems many of you enjoy them too. 

Finally, I'm bringing you into my digital home, where you can see what I get up to in the few moments I have between sourcing inspiration and buying dog food. You will be exposed to my own work, which I hope will provide some degree of enjoyment. It is also an opportunity for shameless self promotion. 

Thanks so much for the visit and I hope I'll see you again soon.