As with people, every project is different, requiring its own tone and voice. From  my earliest days in animation I've always aspired to execute illustrative concepts in the most appropriate styles. Never a slave to trend, but rather, in service to the idea and audience.

Working predominantly in digital media, anything is possible, hyper-realistic traditional media like pastels, oils and watercolours, contemporary vector based styles and 3D visualisation. I've been fortunate enough to work on numerous award winning national advertising campaigns.

This personal project was originally created for an exhibition | Papercuts at The Cabinet | Cape Town. It involved photography, 3D modeling and post production/retouching. I hope to create a full series for purchase.


Standard Bank

TBWA Hunt Lascaris has commissioned me to do many illustrations for Standard Bank over the years, these are a few of my favourites. 

TNS Research Surveys

King James commissioned this dramatic illustration posing the intriguing question “Who killed JFK?


Cell C

Net#Work BBDO invited me to work on illustration and post production for the Gold award-winning campaign "The Art of Conversation" for Cell C. Photography by the late great Crispian Plunkett.


Ongoing Personal Project 

Assorted Work

Silverstar Casino

King James again commissioned me to produce some illustrations for a seasonal promotion for Silverstar Casino in Johannesburg. Click to enlarge.

Aromatic Apothecary

This series of typographic illustrations was for an air freshener advertising campaign. Concept: Using Aromatic Apothecary makes shit smells like roses.


The illustrated story book and animated flipbook below picked up a bronze Loerie Award in 2008.


Jupiter Drawing Room commissioned me to work on a Valentines Point of Sale Campaign a couple of years ago. More recently I was asked to illustrate dresses made from gift bags in 3D to be added in post to a pair of models. 


As part of an ad campaign for Deloitte, I was required to illustrate 4 quite different environments to demonstrate the diversity of products and services offered by Deloitte's many divisions. We have mining, health, business and banking.

Cape Argus

Working on top of my brother's amazing photography, I illustrated the typographic embellishments for this print campaign promoting the Tonight section of the Cape Argus.

More assorted illustrations

Clover | Cape Union Mart | Pongracz | GQ | Markham


A few years ago King James ad agency commissioned me to illustrate a layered environment for a Levi's store window. The final frame is a second store window design with illustrated lions (applied to window in vinyl).