The Love Me Love Me Not 
side table\\\

Designed and made in collaboration with John Vogel, the LMLMN side table has been travelling the world as part of the prestigious Southern Guild exhibition. It has seen Miami, Dubai, New York and Basel recently, and garnered the attention of global design press. It can be purchased at the Vogel Showroom in Woodstock, Cape Town. Click here for local and international enquiries.



Designed under the Joom brand, the springbuck ride on toy has also received great attention with the international design press. With the limited production it is currently no longer available. 



This innovative and unusual bookcase is in the shape of a life-sized cow. It is solidly constructed and set onto durable wooden castors. It works well as a room divider in multifunctional spaces, where it can provide storage for both office and living spaces while creating a break between the two. It was produced in limited numbers and is currently unavailable.



The Animirrors are a fun range of wall mirrors which appeal to kids and adults alike. Their wooden frames are available in a range of six light-hearted styles like the Bunny, the Impala and the Kudu - and when you see yourself reflected you appear to be crowned with their long silky ears or spiky horns.

They invite you to see yourself in a fresh light and dare you not to smile. Reflect your sense of fun! All 6 styles are available in either small or large sizes, and you can choose between Aqua, Bone, Berry or Chocolate as a frame colour.



Custom Table & Benches\\\

I designed this table a few years ago and it remains my ultimate dining table. It's one of the products I'm most proud of.

There was only one made.
Built by master carpenter John Vogel

Stalaglight concept\\\

Designed for international trend magazine ViewPoint in Amsterdam, I was invited to contribute an idea towards the 'ripples' themed edition.

The lighting concept was a modular set of sharp, geometric shards that each emitted and reflected ambient light in forms reminiscent of stalagmites and stalactites.



This design concept is a modular set of multifunctional units that with the flip of the top (or removal of it), becomes a stool, side table or planter. One is then able to create 'islands' by placing them in innumerable configurations depending on the number of pieces and space.