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I live and love design.
It's a joyful process. 
It's striving to find clarity - scraping off
the superfluous.
Finding the gem.

It's simple. It's clear.
It's beautiful.

Humanistic Design
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Creating meaningful communication is simpler than you imagine. What makes it simpler is knowing which questions to ask in order to understand who you're targeting and how to gain their attention and trust. We are emotional beings in a world cluttered with messaging. To reach through the ruckus and engage your audience requires empathy, clarity and creativity.

Perhaps in order for us to create beautiful things, meaningful things, we need to keep ourselves wide open. We are surrounded by opportunities to see the wonder, to connect with our surroundings and the people with whom our orbits cross.  

We become better designers and better people when we feel empathy. We find greater understanding of others, and with discernment, are equipped to use design to empower them and improve their lives. This, in turn, improves ours.

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Consultations & Workshops

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, communication and design,
I am confident I can help you distill your thinking, add inspiration and insight, and deliver work that yields measurable success. Let's have a chat about:

  • Brand and communication strategy
    Revealing authentic purpose and promoting passion

  • Internal communication
    Activating meaningful change from within

  • Dissident design in an organised world
    Stepping away from fear and entropy

  • Humanistic Design
    Realising your brand's true character

We look for humanity in brands.

Con/struct Exhibition
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After the successful opening of Justin's solo exhibition at the Cabinet Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa, the Con/struct Exhibition received incredible worldwide attention from media and art enthusiasts. As a result, the work shall be soon be exhibited at the incredible venues below. 

Recent Exhibitions...

Centre de Cultura Contempor√†nia de Barcelona | Spain
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao | Spain
Vitra Design Museum | Germany
Triennale di Milano | Italy
CIVA | Belgium

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Creating South Africa's ultimate beer bar
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The Beerhouse bar on Long Street, Cape Town. I had pleasure of creating the brand, interior, furniture & marketing.

We respond to those that make us feel understood and heard, those whose promises we can trust. We seek integrity, authenticity and familiarity, as we do with friends and partners. And why expect anything else from your creative suppliers? Unlike larger agencies, my overheads are small. I take on less work so I can focus on your project and I stick with you from start to finish, whether it's brand or interior, product or an idea, print or digital. If you need help figuring out who your brand is, and want a single relationship with one who can take your project from origination to inspiration to completion, drop me a line today. 

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